THE GREEN BEAR Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea Herbal Tea For Pregnant Women x160 grams

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Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea by The Green Bear is an herbal tea specially created for pregnant women, rich in important vitamins and minerals. Herbal tea for pregnant women is a combination of high quality herbs, absolutely suitable for use during this period.



Due to the properties of these ingredients, tea can help control increased appetite, as well as suppress some unpleasant symptoms such as morning sickness or heartburn. With regular use, pregnancy tea can help reduce anxiety and stress in expectant mothers, and peace of mind during these nine months is extremely important for both mother and fetus. Adding taste and aroma to the water, Mama Bear is an ideal solution for women who do not feel very thirsty. By consuming it you will replenish your daily reserves of important minerals such as calcium,

100% natural product! No preservatives or stabilizers! Free of GMOs and caffeine!