STIMOL 18 sachets Symptomatic treatment of functional menta asthenia, physical asthenia


Excitements: natural sangria orange solution, concentrated sodium hydroxide solution, purified water.

Pharmaceutical form. Oral solution.

– Physical asthenia;
– Mental asthenia;
– Post-infectious asthenia;
– Post-operative asthenia;
– Senile asthenia.



Pharmacotherapeutic group. Digestive system and metabolism. The product belongs to amino acids.

Pharmacological properties. Stimol utilizes lactate, ammonium, stimulates energy release, brings the cell to another energetic level.

Indications: Symptomatic treatment of functional asthenia such as:
– asthenia of endocrinology origin (diabetic) ;
– sportsmen’s asthenia (muscle pain relief after the intensive training);
– asthenia and vegetative syndrome by vegetal and vascular dystonia hypotonic type;
– alcohol withdrawal syndrome;
– sexual asthenia.