SPLAT Professional – Green Tea, Bioactive therapeutic toothpaste – protection against cavities and preventing gum disease, 100 ml.


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Description: – Bioactive therapeutic toothpaste. – Active ingredients – extracts of green tea, sage and chamomile, lavender bio-concentrate extract natural pearls, chlorophyll-carotene extract of pine needles, unique whitening complex Sp.White System / enzyme from papaya and Polidon /. – Styptic and anti-inflammatory action. – Strengthens gums. – Strengthens tooth enamel. – Gently whitens teeth enamel and polished shine. – Removes plaque. – It keeps breath fresh for a long time. – Without fluorine. – Manufacturer – Russia. Splash green tea bioactive therapeutic toothpaste for adults. Protects against cavities and prevents gum disease . It does not contain fluorine. Active ingredients are green tea, sage and chamomile . They have anti-inflammatory and soothing irritated gums effect , prevent the formation of bacteria that cause plaque buildup and provide fresh breath . In the composition of the paste is incorporated extract of pearls containing calcium and amino acids . They strengthen teeth and gums nourish , while it increases the resistance of enamel to the appearance of caries . This bio-concentrate lavender has strong antiseptic and effectively helps to strengthen the gums . The resulting from pine needles chlorophyll-carotene extract has antimicrobial and healing effect . It is he who gives the pasta a slightly bitter taste . Innovative system “Sp.White System” safely cleans tooth enamel and makes it blyastyasht. results: Styptic effect – 66.4 percent. Anti-inflammatory effects – 28.3 percent. Cleaning effect – 52.1 percent.