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Somni X spray 20ml / Аct after only 5 minutes! /  Beat insomnia! Somni X spray starts working in just 5 minutes!

  • Restores performance rights
  • Restores the basic mechanisms of metabolism
  • Increases the body’s defenses
  • Reducing energy consumption



Somni X spray is a fine spray emulsion developed an innovative patented Italian technology.

The active substance of fugue Aix spray is melatonin – representing a natural regulator of sleep and gained wide popularity also as the “sleep hormone”.

Compared to other sleep products in capsules (containing melatonin). Clinical pharmacokinetics study on a group of healthy volunteers at the Pavia Polyclinic in Italy. Internal Report MDB2012N1

  • Up to 4 times stronger
  • Up to 3 times faster
  • Began operating in the first 5 minutes after its intake

Somni X Spray appears to 4 times stronger and up to 3 times faster effect than other products containing melatonin for oral administration.
When melatonin is administered in the form of a capsule or tablet for oral administration to 80% of the substance is destroyed immediately by the liver which significantly reduces its efficiency.

Through the use of melatonin in the form of a spray for sublingual administration avoiding passage through the liver and it directly reaches the nerve centers responsible for sleep.

Somni X spray a fine spray emulsion for sublingual administration, which is due to its rapid action. Melatonin absorption contained in Somni X spray, begins in the first 5 minutes following its administration, and is carried out in a 4-fold higher concentration.

Somni X spray for sublingual administration is extremely convenient for accurate dosing according to the individual needs of the body, each new application delivers exactly 1 mg. melatonin. One package Somni X spray provides 100 applications (sprays).

The use of Somni X spray is very convenient both problems falling asleep and frequent night awakenings at fast sleep again.
Somni X spray addictive and has no known adverse side effects, which makes it suitable for regular and durable.
Using X Somni spray does not result in morning sleepiness, discomfort and other adverse side effects.

Sleep is a very important part of our lives.

Did you know that….
Lack of sufficient sleep is associated with a wide range of physical and mental problems. Lack of sleep contributes to faster aging of the brain, according to a study of Singapore scientists. Elderly people who sleep less are at higher risk of developing dementia and other diseases associated with memory impairment.
In long-term insomnia increases the risk of heart attack are established experts Troynthaym, Norway. According to data from their monitoring insomnia increases the risk of myocardial infarction by 45%.
Sleep deprivation and insomnia are extremely harmful to the body.
The most – frequent adverse consequences resulting from insomnia are: obesity, diabetes, weakened immune system, depression, irritability, and constant fatigue.

Our advise:
Define your regular bedtime;
Wake up at the same time each day;
Make your bedroom more comfortable (limit noise and light while maintaining the optimum temperature);
Do not eat 4 hours before bedtime.