SLIMMING HERBAL TEA Slimming Fat Burner Weight Loss Diet 100% Guaranteed effect 2 Weeks


Elegans Tea Fitoleck is one of the most powerful tea products available in all of the dieting categories:fat inhibiting, fat-burning and appetite suppression. The revolutionary weight management formula is made up of only the highest quality natural ingredients that allow you to accomplish your weight loss goals without having to worry about any nasty side effects.

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Stimulates bile secretion and intestinal peristalsis. It favors kidney activity and metabolism.

Pu-Er Tea, Nettle Sheet, Fruit Fruits, Rose Color, Leaves Senna, Stevia Leaves, Garcinia Extract, Cola Nuts.

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Instructions: 3 times, 1 cup, 30 minutes before each meal. Take 1 month minimum. It is easy and safe to use.