RegulatPRO Hyaluron Аnti-Аging Beauty Drink Hyaluronic Acid Tightens The Skin Be Young AGAIN


Elixir of beauty for the skin, nails and hair. Regulatpro Hyaluron contains vegan hyaluronic acid which penetrates the skin with up to 300% more efficiency thanks to the basic effect. THE ANTI-AGING FOR A FABULOUS COMPLEXION SENSATION

  • Visible effects after 20 days
  • Smooth and glowing skin with biotin and zinc
  • Fermented with copper and vitamin C and their action on the connective tissue
  • Active firming of tissue
  • Zinc and copper for the nails and hair
  • Results after 40 days
  • 100% satisfaction

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The REGULATESSENZ concentrate®present in the Regulat Pro Hyaluron, obtained by the patented production process of Fermentation in Cascade (Cascade Fermentation™), with every day of people in maintaining their health and their beauty.

Dr. Niedermaier has revolutionized the world of beauty with results never seen before, thanks to the exceptional anti-aging action of REGULATESSENZ concentrate® handset to vegan hyaluronic acid.

Regulatpro Hyaluron is really effective!

What for? The precious active ingredients will reach the skin, hair nails, and connective tissue in proportions never views.

HOW? A substance active innovative anti-aging will carry hyaluronic acid, biotin, zinc, natural silica and copper directly to the heart of the skin, hair, nails and connective tissue.

THANKS TO WHAT? The basic effect with the concentrate Regulatessenz

DOSAGE: 1 bottle in the morning or between meals. For people sensitive to the digestive level, you can dilute it in a glass of water.

To permanently replenish your reserves of hyaluronic acid, we recommend a course of at least 2 months

COMPOSITION:  Dietary supplement herbal Regulatessenz natural vitamin C, natural silica, biotin, Zinc, copper and vegetable hyaluronic acid.

Concentrated cascade (from: (water, lemons, dates, figs, nuts, soy, coconut, onion, glycerol (plant), the celery, the seeds of soybean, Acerola extract from 17.5% Vit C) 0.7%, artichokes, peas, millet, turmeric)
Plum concentrate
Horsetail 2.5%
PEAR concentrate
375% L-Ascorbic acid
Zinc gluconate 0.185%
15% hyaluronic acid
0049% copper sulphate
D – biotin 0,00025%

PACKAGING: Box of 20 vials of 20 ml