Procto-Glyvenol Cream Hemorrhoids Treatment Problems Anal Fissures Varicose Veins Fistulas

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Procto-Glyvenol cream for the local treatment of hemorrhoids 30 mg. – SAY STOP Hemorrhoids

The product gives prompt relief from the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids (pain, smarting, itching, skin tension), which are chiefly due to secondary inflammation in the anal region. the therapeutic activity of tribenoside in patients with hemorrhoids is attributable to its specific pharmacological effects i.e. to its ability to reduce capillary permeability and improve vascular tone and secondly to its local anti-inflammatory properties and antagonistic action on a number of endogenous substances which play a role as mediators in the development of inflammation pain. the lidocaine component helps to provide rapid symptomatic relief.

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Procto-glyvenol is indicated for external and internal hemorrhoids.

Dosage: Until the acute symptoms have disappeared, the cream or 1 suppository should be applied morning and evening; the dosage can subsequently be reduced to the application of cream or of 1 suppository once a day. 30g cream (1 tube) is sufficient for about 20-30 applications.