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HELLBURNER is designed in collaboration with Alexei Lesukov to be a hardcore fat burner with a five-fold functionality of burning of body fat as a flaming inferno.

  • Fat destroyer no. 1: Har dcore fat meltdown by maximum thermogenesis
  • Fat destroyer no. 2: Suppression of the conversion of carbohydrates to fat 
  • Fat destroyer no. 3: Extreme Stimulation of fat metabolism
  • Fat destroyer no. 4: Maximum fat-burning hormone distribution 
  • Fat destroyer no. 5: Shreds cravings for food and sweets

HELLBURNER ignites an inferno of burning calories and increases metabolism, HELLBURNER reduces the risk of being fat by dietary fat and carbohydrates, and HELLBURNER rigorously curbs your appetite and calorie intake.

Hellburner… and the FAT is in the FIRE



WARNING: HELLBURNER contains caffeine, yohimbine, synephrine and other stimulants. Individual doses should be given in an interval of at least 5 hours. HELLBURNER should not be taken with other yohimbine or synephrine products, including other supplements or medication. Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, insomnia and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat.

Those who took HELLBURNER carelessly, say that this fat burner is actually the spawn of hell – the fat burning thermogenic effects appear so strong and unpleasant that they deter even ephedrine users.

Taken right and wisely, HELLBURNER has nothing to do with the devil. On the contrary, HELLBURNER can instead be seen as Godsend, incredibly effective at helping to rid the body fat on a direct path to hell.

The potency of HELLBURNER is due to the close cooperation of the Peak International development teams with Russian Alexei Lesukov for hardcore athletes. This team designed a comprehensive series of tests with multi-nutrient synergy matrix, with which the mass of giant Alexey Lesukov for tough competition shape and the right ECA stack (Ephedrine, Caffeine, asperine) does not need to hide its features:

Hellburner… and the FAT is in the FIRE!

Devil’s-FLAME-stack (hellish thermo genesis)
HELLBURNER contains synephrine, yohimbine, caffeine anhydrous, capsaicin, piperine, ginger extracts, kola-nut and guarana, the most potent thermogenics, stirred for an ‘arson attack’ and for significant endogenous fuel metabolism and calorie burn for hours. HELLBURNER and it `s getting hot in here …

Red-hot CARB Smash (carbohydrate combustion)
The consumption of carbohydrates is closely connected with the formation of body fat. HELLBURNER therefore contains substrates (HCA, Cinnamon, 4-hydroxy-isoleucine, bitter melon, alpha-lipoic acid, pyruvate, quercetin, ginseng, niacin, chromium, Banaba Leaf) which lead to a ruthless disarmament of carbohydrates, which in turn jeopardize the formation of carbohydrates as fat in blood.

LIPO-Incinerator (blast furnace for maximum fat burn)
The calories burning inferno of thermogenics is also effectively reflected in melting down body fat, thanks to the nutrient substrate complex of HELLBURNER. Acetyl-L-carnitine, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Choline bitartrate, inositol, thiamin, and green coffee and pomegranate leaf extracts increase the melting of body fat as in a blast furnace and push the long-chain saturated fatty acids to mitochondria for energy.

T-ROX (thyroid hormone booster for a fat burner-INFERNO)
HELLBURNER dramatically increases the levels of nutrients and precursor substrates in the blood, stimulating the formation of the fat destruction of the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). HELLBURNER contains N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, L-tyrosine, Guggulipid extract, forskoline, Bacopa extract and zinc to initiate fat-burning inferno on a hormonal level.

APPLOSS XT (ruthless appetite suppressant)
HELLBURNER transports the stored fat to a direct path to hell. At the same time to prevent the immediate regeneration of body fat, craving for food must be suppressed. Catechins found in green tea (EGCG), L-histidine, L-phenylalanine, MCT’s and Evodiamine extract and crush the emergence of appetite.

Synergistic MOLOTOV COCKTAIL (Fatburner amplifier) 
The diabolical body-meltdown-formula is exacerbated by special synergistic herbal-extracts, which further increase the temperature. Included in this herbal-synergetic-booster-complex are Rhodiola Rosae, Cissus, rapefruit, Echinacea, Raspberry Ketones, and the acai berry.