PEAK CARB REGULATOR 120CAPS 950MG Blood Sugar Levels Reduces Appetite

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PEAK Carb Regulator – a high-quality carb blocker that combines white bean and chrome extract, it stops absorbing carbohydrates and reduces appetite to help control body weight. The product contains white beans extract, a rich source of phaeolamine, a protein compound that blocks the decomposition of carbohydrates and stops their absorption by the body. PEAK Carb Regulator helps to remove carbohydrates in their raw form and limits their storage in the body in the form of body fat. Also, this product regulates blood sugar levels and provides control of appetite. It is in this way that the carb-blocker reduces calorie intake and helps reduce body weight.

  • A carbohydrate blocker limiting the absorption of poly-saccharides (polymeric carbohydrates) coming from food such as bread, pasta, potatoes
  • Reduces appetite and stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • 1-2 capsules of the product block the absorption of about 50 g of carbohydrate
  • Contains extract of white beans and chrome
  • The product does not stop taking simple sugars – lactose, sucrose, dextrose and glucose



This formula is enriched with chrome, which helps the action of white bean extract, improves the carbohydrate metabolism and maintains blood sugar levels.

If you are looking for good support for your dietary regimen, then this product is special for you.

Dosage: 1 to 3 capsules before each carbohydrate meal/bread, potatoes, pasta /.