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PP – Nutritional Supplement Legal Party Maker  – Energy and sexual enhancement formula for men 

Increases male potency. Caffeine and taurine combined with herbal extracts boost sexual desire and has a toning effect. Specially developed plant formula, improving the physical condition. It tones and raises the spirit, restores physical forces in fatigue and fatigue. Suitable for fatigue and prolonged insomnia.

• Increases the energy levels of the body and provides vitality by relieving physical and mental fatigue.

• Increases the blood flow in man’s genitalia.

• Boosts the man’s libido and sexual performance.



Content in 1 capsule: Caffeine – 80 mg, Taurine – 75 mg., Epicedium extract – 10 mg., Ginseng extract – 20 mg., Hawthorn extract – 30 mg., Licorice Extract – 25 mg., Passionflower, extract – 10 mg.

Directions for use: 2 capsules daily.

Manufacturer: Cupid Labs.

Packaging: 2 capsules.

Shipping Weight: 0.02875 pounds