Original STIMOL oral solution 18 sachets Symptomatic Treatment functional Asthenia

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Citrulline is an amino acid that participates in the ammonia neutralization cycle occurring in the liver, which is formed as a result of the breakdown of nitrogen-containing compounds. Urea is formed in the liver from ammonia. Citrulline is built into the urea cycle, increases the excretion of ammonium ions.

Malate is involved in the Krebs cycle and gluconeogenesis, reduces the concentration of lactate in the blood, helps to normalize the metabolism, activates non-specific protective factors of the body.




PHARMACOKINETICS: The drug is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, the peak plasma concentration is reached on average after 50 minutes. Quickly derived from plasma. After 6 hours, the plasma concentration is close to physiological. Since the active ingredient is involved in the processes of cellular metabolism, only small amounts of it are found in the urine.

Indications: Used in the symptomatic treatment of functional asthenia: asthenic syndrome, fatigue, increased fatigue, during the period of recovery from illness.


1 sachet contains:

Active ingredient:

Citrulline malate 1.00 g

Auxiliary components:

Natural orange flavoring sangria 0.10 g

Sodium hydroxide solution 30% 0.1886 g

Purified water to 10.00 ml