Original Lactoflor Opti 6 Strong Immune System Good Bacteria Microbiota


Gastrointestinal imbalance can be manifested differently and often remains unnoticed, ranging from an upset stomach to a weakened immune system. Probiotics are good bacteria that help us to have stable health, vitality, and longevity. Invisible to the naked eye, probiotics are the most prevailing and essential part of the flora in the human body.

Impaired microbiota can cause imbalances in our bodies and is a precursor to the onset of pathogenic processes.



Lactoflor Opti6 is a powerful immune boost formula intended to ensure balanced intestinal microbiota. It is suitable to use during and after antibiotic treatment in order to quickly enhance our immune system and restore natural protective functions.

LaсtoFlor Opti6 is a synbiotic of a new generation which contains 6 strains of lactic acid bacteria (with high biological activity) and prebiotic (inulin) that improves digestion. The beneficial bacteria contained in Opti6 are derived from environmentally-clean, well-preserved organic sources of Bulgarian nature.