Never Smoke Again, StopTab, STOP QUIT SMOKING Naturally Nicotine Replacement


Stop Tab is a nutritional supplement designed to aid smoking cessation.

· It helps to physiologically reject nicotine need

· It favors the health of the lungs and the full use of the breathing volume.

· Helps protect the cells of lung tissue from oxidative stress

· It contributes to the normal function of the immune system, healthy lungs and heart.

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Stop TAB is a unique complex of plant extracts and amino acids that help the process of getting rid of a nicotine need. This completely natural herbal product is recommended as an aid to people who have a problem with quitting smoking. STOPTAB favors lung health and protects lung tissue cells from oxidative stress. Stop TAB contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, the lungs and the heart. It helps the full use of the breathing volume and thus improves breathing..

Directions for use: Take STOP TAB 2 capsules a day during or after meals.

Recommended use: At least 3 months.

Packing: 40 capsules.

Manufacturer: Zonapharm Europe