Nasodren Sinuforte Nasal 100% Natural Spray Sinusitis Fast Relief Rhinosinusitis

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Nasodren Nasal-100% natural Sinusitis Fast Relief Rhinosinusitis. Nasodren®, a nasal spray specially developed for Rhinosinusitis symptom relief, is a natural aqueous solution containing lyophilized cyclamen extract. Clinically proven effectiveness, fast relief from symptoms and 100% natural, Nasodren® clears and drains nasal and paranasal cavities, thereby reducing nasal congestion.

Nasodren® is a natural product. Its active ingredients are saponins from cyclamen extract that gives fast relief from rhinosinusitis symptoms, like nasal blockage, obstruction, congestion, facial pain or nasal discharge. Saponins can’t pass through to the mucosa membrane and therefore do not reach the bloodstream and consequently, they do not produce systemic side effects. i.e. do not affect the liver, the kidneys or other organs.



Nasodren®, also know as Sinuforte® in Eastern Europe, is the revolutionary new approach to rhinosinusitis symptomatic treatment.

How to prepare:

  • Open the vial containing the powder by turning the cap counter-clockwise and removing the stopper.
  • Open the plastic bottle with the liquid by breaking off the upper part.
  • Pour the entire liquid into the vial with the powder. Screw the spray nozzle onto the vial and shake gently until fully dissolved. Wait until no foam is visible.
  • Remove the protective cap from the spray nozzle.
  • Prior to the first administration, press the spray nozzle 2-3 times, aiming it away from the body into the air, avoiding the eyes!