Nasodren Nasal Spray Fast & effective Treatment for Sinusitis Best Quality

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Conceptual breakthrough in Rhinosinusitis therapy.

Nasodren is a lyophilized natural extract of cyclamen europaeum L and has only a local effect, which means it is not absorbed into the blood stream and does not cause residual irritation of the mucous membranes. The nasal spray Nasodren is a highly effective with an extremely low incidence of side effects.

It is indicated for clearing and draining the mucous secretions retained in the nasal cavities and upper respiratory tract, providing symptom relief in nasal congestion. Nasodren significantly reduces the symptoms of nasal congestion after 3-4 doses.

One pack of Nasodren is enough for one course of treatment (7-10 days). It can be use over 5 years old. Apply only one spray per day into each nostril.