Melabel whitening hand cream SPF 30 Hand Age Spots Pigmented Scars Skin Injuries Sunburns


Melabel whitening hand cream SPF 30 is designated for lightening of dark spots on the skin on the hands such as freckles, age spots, pigmented scars from skin injuries, sunburns.

The precisely selected active ingredients in this paraben free formula stimulate the synthesis of collagen, even the skin tone and protect it from the signs of ageing. Melabel whitening hand cream contains a high SPF 30 to ensure extensive protection from UVA / UVB rays, thus preventing the recurrence of pigmentations on the skin.



It nourishes and regenerates the skin, leaving a gentle a feeling of comfort and softness. USAGE: Apply Melabel whitening hand cream daily, re-applying each time hands are washed or when feeling dry. In case of more sensitive skin it is possible that you may experience a slight stinging and burning, however this is normal and fades quickly.

Tip: We recommend that all products from the Melabel series should be applied on clean skin, washed with Melabel whitening foam or water only. This requirement is mandatory as cleansers, tonics and lotions may have a different pH, which can enhance or reduce the effect of the contained active ingredients.

An interval of at least 30 min between the application of various cosmetics and Melabel products should be left, as not doing so could lead to an undesired reaction with the active ingredients and, as a result, either accelerate or neutralize their effect.