Leuzea Levzeya TRIPCLE Pack Libido Muscle Growth Fatigue Improves Mood Detoxifier


Leuzea is a plant that is rich in healing properties of various nature. It finds application in traditional medicine as well as in modern supplementation programs. 10 Leuzea extract is a natural adaptogen and antidepressant.

– Increases protein synthesis
– Stimulate muscle growth and fat loss
– Increases work capacity
– Increases physical endurance
– Powerful adaptogen
– Natural antidepressant
– Improves mood and helps fight fatigue
– Improves memory and helps focus
– Helps accelerate wounds healing
– Detoxifier
– Has restorative effect
Suitable for professional athletes in order to recover faster



It helps the body to handle physical and mental stress. It can also be used as an energy booster every day. Russian athletes share that everyone who tested Leuzea extract is ready to completely give up on anabolic steroids.

Based on that we produced a highly concentrated next level extract, named – 10 Leuzea.

Benefits of 10 Leuzea