LactoFlor BioPlus 60k

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Have you thought about how your lifestyle effects your body? A number of factors of our daily environment may affect the contents of our intestinal micro-environment, some of which are strongly influenced by our daily diet, exposure to toxins from the environment, alcohol, smoking, and use of antibiotics or other medications. Other factors—including genetics—are unfortunately beyond our control.



Did you know that intestinal microbiota is an organ in and of itself? We need to take care of our microbiota because it plays a key role in our daily body functions and long-term health.

Laсtoflor BioPlus is a Bulgarian synbiotic of a new generation which contains 7 strains of lactic acid bacteria (with high biological activity) and prebiotic (inulin) that improves digestion. The special Bulgarian strain, Lactobacillus bulgaricus LKZ-200, has been isolated from Geranium sanguineum.

The roots of this herb contain polyphenolic compounds, which directly attack viruses by bonding to their envelope and blocking their aggressive mode of action. BioPlus restores and maintains the balance of intestinal microbiota by creating a favorable environment for the growth of good bacteria.

Package: 1box (60 Capsules)