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Lactibiane Buccodental is another professional preparation from a French company PiLeje, created on the basis of scientific studies and researchers’ knowledge. This time, its effect is directed at the health of oral cavity and throat. Special application of this supplement is counteracting inflammations of this area, periodontal disease and supporting the organism in the fight with recurring infections.

The authors of the preparation designed a unique mixture of two vitamins – C and D – with a carefully selected probiotic strain Lactobacillus paracasei LA 802. These ingredients aim at multidirectional influence on the state of health of oral cavity and throat and they are supposed to counteract various disorders related to this region. An additional benefit of the supplement is a comfortable form of lozenges with a pleasant, mint aroma.

There are many disorders in the physiology of oral cavity and throat, in the development of which improper state of balance of bacterial microbiome is engaged. According to a part of researchers, in this place the largest variety of microbes occurs – from 700 to 800 species. Due to frequent application of antibiotics, improper diet and other environmental and behavioral factors, these harmful species may start to prevail over the harmless ones.

In such situations, various inflammations of periodontium may develop, i.e. of all tissues surrounding teeth, including bones and gums. Periodontal disease, i.e. chronic inflammation of oral cavity that may lead even to the loss of teeth, may also be its consequence.

Similar situation takes place in case of dental caries. Improper biofilm, i.e. specific colony of microbes, resistant to the activity of antibiotics, settling various tissues, including teeth and gums, may lead to demineralization of enamel and cavities in teeth.

Disturbed balance between the species of bacteria and fungi, living in the oral cavity, may also be one of the factors of frequent and recurring infections of upper respiratory tract, especially if it is accompanied by weaker immunity, the reason for which may be vitamin deficiencies.

These are also one of the factors of the above mentioned ailments. Especially important here is improper supply of vitamin C and D. Since we usually have a lot of the former one, the concentration of the latter is often low in our climate, especially in the fall-winter season.

Individual probiotic strains may be very helpful in many ailments of this kind. The main mechanism of their positive influence in this case is displacing harmful bacteria and restoring balance in the microbiome inhabiting oral cavity of a human being.

Certain strains exhibit the ability to produce specific substances – bacteriocins and work like antibiotics. They eliminate harmful bacteria cells, making space for positive microbes to settle. Additionally, probiotics are characterized by large abilities to relatively permanently adhere to various surfaces and stay there for a longer period of time, which inhibit re-colonization of pathogen microorganisms.

Some probiotics also exhibit the ability to manipulate the immune response of the organism. Thanks to the stimulation of the activity of certain populations of lymphocytes, they may limit the absorption of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which is important in decreasing inflammation states of oral cavity. They may also support immunity by increasing their defense functions towards pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

A troublesome consequence of the above mentioned disorders and improper hygiene of the oral cavity may be halitosis – unpleasant odor from mouth. It is caused by volatile sulfur compounds, produced by some, improper bacteria strains. Probiotics, thanks to displacing them from microbiome, may prevent or decrease the symptoms of this unpleasant problem.

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)
Vitamin D, also called the “sunshine vitamin”, due to its synthesis under the influence of UV radiation, plays many incredibly vital functions in the human organism, both in its development and in later physiological reactions. Unfortunately, the climate of our region, Europe, makes supplementation highly recommended in the fall-winter season and in elderly people – for the whole year.

The basic and most well-known function of cholecalciferol is regulation of calcium -phosphorus balance. Thanks to this, it is possible to build calcium in bones, which makes them strong and resistant to fractions and to stimulate maturation of osteoblasts – cells building bones. The same mechanism appears in case of teeth.

Excessively low supply of vitamin D may lead to demineralization of bones, i.e. eluting calcium ions. The consequence of this is weakening of the structure of bones and teeth and their susceptibility to damages and fractures.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C, i.e. ascorbic acid, also participates in taking care about healthy teeth and oral cavity. It is essential for the synthesis of collagen – a large protein, being the main building block of skin, connective tissues and bones. It also plays a large role in the process of wound healing, often appearing in gyms and constituting a potential factor of developing diseases of periodontium.

Many researchers observed that excessively low level of ascorbic acid in blood was correlated with the severity of inflammations of periodontium. The most well-known, extreme state of deficiency of this vitamin is scurvy, currently almost absent from our population. However, smaller deficiencies may lead to increased sensitivity and bleedings in gums.

To sum up, Lactibiane Buccodental is a dietary supplement with multidirectional pro-health effect in the areas of oral cavity and upper respiratory tracts. It is especially recommended to people suffering from inflammations of periodontium and as support of periodontal disease. An additive of the probiotic strain may be also effective to restore natural balance of the microbiome of oral cavity, which is incredibly important to maintain health of these areas.



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