Isis pharma urelia 10 emollient body cream for scaly skin with itching 10% urea Gift For Treatment Your Skin


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ISIS PHARMA URELIA 10 150ML INDICATIONS Moderate scaly skin with itching Long lasting emollient body cream USE Generously apply URELIA 10 on a clean and dry skin. Insist on the most scaly and itching areas. It can be used several times a day. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. PROPERTIES URELIA 10 is a combination of several active ingredients: 1. 10% of Urea which eliminates scales and has hydrating properties 2. The Xpertmoist with skin regenerating properties 3. The AHA with kerato-regulating properties 4. The Sodium chloride which improves the hydration resistance 5. A Vegetal Glycerin, the Cera Alba and the Shea Butter with emollient properties