INHUA SLIMMING TEA 32 TEA BAGS Fat Burner Japanese Technology Weight Loss VEGAN

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Tea INHUA is a new high-tech product that effectively improves metabolism in people prone to obesity, ie remove the root cause of weight gain. The effect of adoption will be even better if you eat healthy and lead an active lifestyle. Even when people averse to gain as a result of poor diet and inactive lifestyle can accumulate extra pounds. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will return to your previous weight. Failure to follow this procedure may be temporarily or permanently to drink tea in small doses (3-5 sachets per day) to maintain the results.

– Stage 1: controlling appetite
– Stage 2: to prevent excessive accumulation of fat
– Step 3: gut cleansing and toxins in the body
– Stage 4: regulation of fluid retention
– Stage 5: improve metabolism and the absorption of fat
– Stage 6: termination of the accumulation of excess fat
– Stage 7: tightening of muscle tissue and muscle fibers




Inhua Tea is a unique recipe that ensures a healthy and scientifically weight loss and which is particularly suitable for people who are overweight. Modeled on tea polyphenols, ginkgo leaf, green tea.

The weakening includes seven layers that encompass the purification of the intestine, reducing body fat, eliminate the swelling of the body in order to achieve long term normalization of weight.

In 1994, the Japanese pharmaceutical laboratory in the city Tszindu found ingredients that help to reduce weight by reducing the fat content in the body in the composition of the leaves of ginkgo, green tea contains polyphenols and milk sugar. Experts from the lab, based on leading high-molecular technologies have received particularly effective composition – extract digests fat deposits. This method of attenuation includes seven phases, which cover the clearance of the bowel, reducing body fat, removal of the swelling of the body in order to achieve a long-term weight normalized.