Hoodia extract 500mg 60 Caps Very Strong Weight Loss FAT BURNER DIET Slimming


Haya Labs Hoodia extracts 50% is a high quality natural dietary supplement that contains an extract from the tropical plant Hoodia. The extracts from this plant have proven beneficial effects over the organism, including successful appetite suppression, increased feeling of repletion and normal blood sugar levels.

  • 100% natural extract
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Speeds up energy-related processes
  • Complete absorption



Hoodia extract 50% 500mg 60 Caps

The Hoodia extract is being successfully used in the weight loss process because it increases the feeling of repletion, provides additional energy for the body and supports the fat loss process.

Hoodia is a type of tropical cactus  and according to various studies Hoodia extracts may send signals to the brain to block the production of gastric acids. This is the way Hoodia extract supports healthy control over the weight loss process and over the decrease of under skin fat quantities. Besides all this, the Hoodia extract improves the intestinal function and even regulates the blood sugar levels.

Serving size = 1 capsule

Directions for use: Take 1 serving daily with a meal.
Servings per container: 60

Ingredients: Hoodia (Aerial Parts) (Hoodia gordonii 30:1 Extract)