HIPP Bio Fenchel Tea HiPP Baby FRUIT Tea From WEEK 1 Organic Sugar Free Tea


Hipp Fenchel Tee Fennel Tea  30 g   from 1. week, Organic

No sugar added!

Hipp Organic Fennel tea is a mild, soothing baby Tee. It consists of high quality fennel, which is particularly strict controls on pollution. Hipp Organic Fennel tea is especially baby and justice can be given from the 1st week to toddler age. The tea is suitable for supplementary hydration if required, i.e. sweating or in co0nversion to solid food after the 4th month



Preparation: Pour tea infusion bag with 200 ml of boiling water and let it go for about 5 minutes. Cool down in babies drinking temperature (about 37°C) Check the temperature. Always prepare fresh tea.
Preparation: 100 ml/200 ml drinking warm (about 37°C), freshly boiled water to fill the bottle/cup. Tea powder from Portion Pack and stir briefly. Check temperature.

Please do not sweeten.

Warning: Each drink can cause by frequent or continuous sucking from the bottle tooth decay (caries). Therefore: do not leave the baby bottle for continuous sucking, as soothers or sleeping aid. Hold the bottle yourself and let your child drink quickly. For regular dental care, please care as early as the first teeth. Accustom baby from the 8th month on drinking from the cup.

Manufactured:  Deutschland