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Haya labs melatonin 1 mg is a product that contains the hormone important for sleep – melatonin. It is secreted from the brain through the pineal gland. The amount of melatonin varies during the day, and with the onset of the evening increases. Peak values ​​are observed in the middle of the night.

Light is the main indicator that “says” to produce this hormone or not. This is also the reason why we sleep better in a dark room than in the light.

  • All Melatonin benefits:
  • A healthy sleep
  • Reduces sleep time
  • Cheerfulness in the morning
  • Increases concentration and workability
  • Strong antioxidant.



How to use Haya labs melatonin 1 mg: Take 1 capsule approximately half an hour before going to bed.

Package: 1 x HAYA Melatonin 1 mg (60 Capsules)

Keep away from children! The recommended daily allowance should not be exceeded! Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their doctor or pharmacist before taking this supplement!

Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle!

Manufacturer Certification: Haya Organic – Manufactured in an ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP, ORGANIC certified facility.