Gynofit Vaginal Gel with Lactic Acid 6 Individual Doses Flora Itching Burning Pain


How does Gynofit Lactic Adcid Gel work? Gynofit contains lactic acid and glycogen and reduces the pH of the vagina.

Thanks to these two components, as well as its neutral pH, Gynofit restores normal vaginal flora and thus removes unpleasant symptoms. Gynofit is in the form of a gel and is given once a night at bedtime. The required amount of gel is placed in disposable individual applicators with a long nozzle which allows application of the gel directly into the vagina.

  • Also suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • 6 single doses
  • Eliminates itching, burns and unpleasant odours. Very fast-acting.
  • Use if you display symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.



  • Restores balance to the vagina flora in a natural way.
  • Regulates pH. With a base of lactic acid; this product has been developed in consultation with gynaecologists.
  • Contains no preservatives or fragrances.
  • Single-use application; each dose is individually wrapped in antibacterial foil. Ideal for on the move.

Causes: public swimming pools, antibiotics, contraceptive pills, frequent vaginal infections, diabetes, stress.

Date First Available: 26 July 2012

Shipping Weight: 9 g

Expiry date: 2 years after purchase

Package: 1 x GYNOFIT Gel (6 single doses)