GNC Natural Brand Super Digestive Enzymes All Natural Reduces Weight


Supports the digestion of proteins , carbohydrates and fats . Contains a patented mixture of enzymes with proven bioactivity.

– Contributes to the full absorption of food
– Reduces weight and “rumbling” after meals
– Nutritional supplement
– 100 capsules



Composition in 2 capsules: 
Patented en- Zaims mixture 291 mg
Amylase 7,000 DU
Protease 4.5 15,000 HUT
Lipase 250 FIP
Glucoamylase 11 AGU
Protease 3.0 15 SAPU
Bromelain 300,000 FCCPU
Protease 6.0 2,000 HUT
Papain 280,000 FCCPU
Cellulose 100 CU 
Malt diastase 125 DP
Patented mixture of Cere Calaza 10 mg
Other ingredients: hardener: dicalcium phosphate, emulsifier: cellulose, gelatin, gelatin capsule.
Warning for allergens! contains milk, soy and wheat.
Does not contain: sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sodium, yeast.
Recommended daily dose: 2 (two) capsules after a meal.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet!
Keep out of reach of children!
Storage: In a cool and dry place. 
Caution !: Before taking the product, consult a doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or suffering from an illness. Discontinue use of the product 2 weeks before surgery.
Contains gelatin. Possible allergen in asthmatics and people allergic to sulfites.
Net amount: 19.5 g ℮
Best up to: see original packaging
Batch No: see original packaging