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Fortex PROSTAMAX-30 Capsules – Helps to improve the functions of the genitourinary system!

Prostax’s Fortex is a unique product of its kind. Its action is fully focused on helping the normal function of the prostate gland. Over the years, the prostate gland increases and creates some discomfort, which can be expressed in frequent night urination, pain and is a prerequisite for malignancies. These conditions are observed at 40% in men aged 40-50 years, 90% in men 80-90 years of age.

Opposes the
– Inflammatory processes,
– Enlargement of the prostate gland,
– Muscle spasms




Relieves the symptoms of
– Difficulty and frequent urination,
– Residual urination.

Which is a consequence of a change in the levels of the hormone prolactin in the male organism? Other symptoms of hypertrophy include a slight jet of urination, weak or no bladder control, and frequent night urination. Sao palmetto – Serenoa repens and Nettle (Urtica dioica) are natural ingredients that are proven to be beneficial in the fight against prostate gland problems.

Phytosterolites extracted from Sao Palmetto are natural substances – organic chemicals contained in some plants. Phytosterol

The spin (Epilobium parviflorum) reduces the need for frequent urination at night by supporting the quality of the genitourinary system. It helps maintain bladder and prostate gland health. Selenium has a positive effect on normal spermatogenesis and affects men’s potency.

For men over 18 years old.

STORAGE: In a ventilated, dry place, at room temperature between 5 ° C and 25 ° C, protected from direct sunlight, not accessible to young children, in original packaging.

Manufacturer: FORTEX