Fitoval Lotion Anti Hair Loss 2 x 40 ml Scalp feeding the hair roots Effective



Developed formula with its unique combination of three herbal active substances has a profound effect by improving blood circulation in the scalp and feeding the hair roots. Eskulin and xylenic acid improve microcirculation in the tissues surrounding the roots of the hair and thus increase the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. Lauric acid suppresses 5-alpha reductase and thus affects the transformation of male sex hormone. This provides a better supply of nutrients for hair.

The dermatologically tested lotion in ampoules can be easily applied and absorbed quickly from the scalp, with no hair or scalp becoming greasy. That’s why Fitoval lotion is so effective.

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KRKA Fitoval lotion hair loss

Fitoval lotion can be used: Recommended for increased hair loss. Use 5 ml of ampoule once a day at least three times a week on dry skin of the head. Do not wash after application! One ampoule is sufficient for two applications. Use at least 3 consecutive months. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat your use in spring and autumn. (For complete care, Fitoval Hair Loss Shampoo and Fitoval Capsules).

A clinical study was conducted in a dermatological clinic in Italy, the study was conducted on 40 people in a 3-month cycle. Proven effect is also the increase in hair health.

KRKA Fitoval Lotion anti hair loss patented formula.