Ejacolong Sex Tablets For Men Long Love Erection Delay Enhancer Hard Penis Libido Testo

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We offer you these natural and herbal capsules Ejacolong  which effectively affect male potency, delay ejaculation and make it longer. It is now possible to put an end to your concerns and improve critical in life Ejacolong capsules are designed especially for men, have no side effects are absolutely safe for your health. Increases Performance

Extra Strong Herbal, An effective herbal pill.

  • Lasts you longer in bed Helps overcome anxiety caused by problemsin sexual performance
  • Extra performance 
  • Maximum Strength 
  • Herbal basis with no chemical substance 
  • Works in 30 mins
  • No side effects


This is a herbal formula for men based on theories of traditional Tibetan health and science.

It extracts potent ingredients from herbs in the Himalayan Mountains 4000 meters above sea level and is made of Qinghai – Tibet plateau native material.

Delayed Ejaculation Increased desire

Warning: Do not take Xtra Strong if you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, consult your doctor first. Do not consume more than one capsule within a 24hour period.