Charak Utrihelth Female Reproductive System Menstrual Health Hormone


Utrihelth is comprehensive supplement for menstrual health and comfort. It offers a broad approach to women’s health by supporting proper hormone utilization and balance. The phytoestrogenic property of Utrihelth assists women combat physical and emotional discomfort during menstruation. Utrihelth regulates stress-free cycles by maintaining the levels of the female hormones in the body.

  • Supports female reproductive system*
  • Restores hormonal and emotional balance to provide an optimum sense of well-being*
  • Assists women to combat physical and emotional discomfort during menstrual cycles*


Suggested Use:

  • For optimum results, 3 months of intake suggested.
  • 1 capsule twice a day
  • 1 unit will last for 30 days only
  • Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight