Charak Addyzoa 100% Orinal Natural MALE FERTILITY SPERM COUNT MOTILITY

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Addyzoa capsules is used when male suffers from  infertility problem. The root cause of infertility is low sperm count and may be less thickness of semen. These capsules are the ayurvedic product to increase the fertility power of sperm. If this medicine is taken with correct dosage mode than it will increase the fertilization of sperm and thickness of sperm. It is very necessary to increase the sperm count because due to low sperm there is very less chances to fertilize the female egg but addyzoa capsules is the excellent solution These capsules is also beneficial in Teratospermia and Asthenospermia. Teratospermia is also known as defective sperm morphology. Addyzoa capsules are able to get control on the  sexual problem. Many people are also suffered from nightfall problem which is also known as Nocturnal Emission, addyzoa capsules is also beneficial this problem.

  • It helps to increase the sperm count which is compulsory for fertilization of egg in female
  • It helps to enhance the sperm motility
  • Addyzoa capusles is the best product to get control on nightfall problem also called NOCTURNAL EMISSION
  • Addyzoa capsules increase the chances of pregnancy
  • It helps to increase the sexual desire in mens. Those mens who have lost their desire in sex the regular use of this medicine can get back their sexual desire
  • This medicine helps to prevent the DNA damage to the sperm
  • It helps to increase the male libido


Addyzoa Capsules Dosage: The consumption process of this medicine is depend on the sperm count. So On the basis of this there are two categories:

If the sperm count is between 5millions/ml to 10millions/ml than you should take 3 capsules daily.

If the sperm count is more than 10millions/ml than you can take 1 capsule twice a day.

NOTE: For better results you should continue this medicine at least for 90 days

Addyzoa Capsules Ingredients: These capsules is ayurvedic products which contains some powerful ingredients which helps to increase the sperm count and reduce the nightfall problem.

Here is list of these ingredients: abhrak bhasm, astavarga, withnia somnifera, sida cordfoila, mukta shukti bhasm, suvrna vang, smilax chinashilajit, tribulus tresstris, amalaki, guduchi, ashwagandhashatavari etc.

Precautions: You should avoid taking alcohol and decrease the amount of alcohol if you take, Do not eat spicy food, Avoid smoking as much as possible for you, Do not take stress, Take complete sleep and avoid late night spendings, Try to avoid unhealthy foods

Common questions of our customers:

1.My sperm count is very low and not able to pregnant my wife what should i do?

We are always here for you. For low sperm count the best solution is addyzoa capsules take this medicine according to our instructions and see the difference

2.What should i eat or do to increase the sperm count?

– You can take milk,butter and high protein food

– If you are non vegetarian than consumption of egg or meat is good option for you but do not eat in excessive quantity

3.What is the best time period in the month for pregnancy for ladies?

– In the middle of menstrual cycle is the best time period where the chances of fertilization of eggs is more