CatuaBolix 100 Testosterone Stimulator Sexual Desire Libido Crazy Drive


CatuaBolix 100 Caps – Amix Catua Bolix

CatuaBolix 100 Capsules Amix is ​​a sports supplement that naturally increases production testosterone, especially after his two ingredients Muira puama and Catuaba. The first producing vasodilation helps to carry more blood so that congestion is thus raised muscle. The second of the substances that have this product that athletes can be found in Nutricion24 is Catuaba, a plant that grows in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil

The catuaba found in CatuaBolix 100 Capsules Amix has three alkaloids group A, B and C that increase the secretion of testosterone and stimulate the central nervous system and the libido, blood flow, strength and endurance. All this together makes athletes raise significantly more time they spend on the coaches and thus the size of your muscles is increasing within a few days to start taking this product you can find in Nutricion24.



Thereby increasing testosterone produces CatuaBolix 100 Capsules Amix attached to a good table training produces athletes have greater power when performing your exercises and create a much larger muscle mass always healthy and free of fat. Amix to ensure the effectiveness of this supplement he added CRT-ss (Controlled Release Technology Support System) technology that ensures bodybuilders continuous supply of active ingredients gradually to the muscle fibers for hours to metabolize the combined total and optimal results.

Dosage: Experts recommend taking 4 capsules, each accompanied the main meals of the day. They have to take plenty of water accompanied the body to facilitate digestion.

Package: 100 Capsules