BWG TRIBULUS EXTREME Sex Performance Tribulus Terrestris Formula Booster Libido Natural


100% Testosterone booster for better SEXUAL performance!!!

FOR Bodybuilding, Fitness recovery, Muscle growth, Male impotency. Increasing the libido

BWG – TRIBULUS EXTREME blends the power of Tribulus with other complementary herbs to create a product that targets male performance and endurance. Tribulus has a long history of use by men to promote strength and vitality, and modern research indicates that it may help to promote normal endocrine function and male sexual health.* Combined with Maca and other traditional herbs, this formula is designed to promote optimal stamina and energy levels and to support a healthy libido and male sexual function.

  • Boost natural testosterone production and increase muscle growth
  • High quality – sourced from the largest suppliers in the world
  • Traditional booster for male libido
  • Helps maintain the health of the body’s reproductive system


Increases the libido and sexual energy
Helps the body to recover faster after trainings
Stimulates the intensive growth of the muscle fibers
Taken regularly it reduces the high blood pressure

Storage: Should be kept in a dry, cool and dark place.

Our product is 100% Natural herbal.  This is the original Tribulus terrestris herb in vegetarian capsules. NO gelatine capsules!

Highest Potency Tribulus on eBay – 95% potency compared to 45% potency per tablet offered by competitors