Borola LACTOBOR Intim Vaginal Gel *7 Tubes/5ml Protective Lactic Acid Bacteria

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It effectively relieves embarrassing odor, abnormal discharge and vaginal discomfort – 5 ml vaginal gel, 7 tubes

Treats and prevents recurrence of bacterial vaginosis in a natural way

Embarrassing vaginal odor?

Abnormal discharge?


You’re not alone …

Lactobor Intim Vaginal Gel contains lactic acid, which effectively neutralizes the embarrassing odor and restores the normal pH of the vagina. It also contains glycogen, which provides nutrients to lactic acid bacteria. With normal pH and nutrients, the protective lactic acid bacteria grow and the natural vaginal balance is restored, effectively relieving abnormal discharge and discomfort and stopping the embarrassing odor returning.

  • Very effective, tried and clinically tested
  • Easy application and comes in hygienic single use tubes
  • Safe to use
  • Unlike antibiotic, do not lead to the growth of “bad” bacteria



sages/Indications: Treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis (BV), Effective relief of embarrassing odor, abnormal discharge and discomfort, To maintain and restore the natural pH and normal vaginal microflora

Dosages: For the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and effective relief of embarrassing odor, abnormal discharge and discomfort use 1 tube daily for 7 days, To maintain and restore the natural pH & normal vaginal microflora and prevent recurrence of symptoms of BV use 1 – 2 tubes per week.  (ONE WEEK*7 (SEVEN) SINGLE USE TUBES*5 ml.)

How to administer Lactobor Intim: Lactobor Intim is easy to use. Twist off the cap and insert the whole of the neck of the tube into the vagina. Squeeze out the contents. Remove the tube, still squeezing, and discard. It is best to use Lactobor Intim at bedtime. It may be helpful to wear a panty liner, as it is common to notice slight leakage. This does not mean the treatment has not worked.

Is Lactobor Intim safe to use: Lactobor Intim comes in hygienic single use tubes. It can be used during pregnancy and during menstruation however, you should see your doctor if think you may have a vaginal infection during pregnancy. Lactobor Intim may cause stinging pain during fungal infections (e.g. Thrush) or when there are cracks in the vaginal tissue. This is only temporary.

When should you see your Doctor: Contact your doctor if your symptom worsen, if you experience pain, if the discomfort does not cease, if your discharge is blood-stained or if your discharge occurs during the menopause. You should see your doctor if you think you may have a vaginal infection during pregnancy. If you experience no symptom relief after using Lactobor Intim as instructed you should contact your doctor for further advice.

When not to use Lactobor Intim: Avoid using Lactobor Intim if you are trying to conceive, as the gel has a low pH which can make the environment less suitable for sperm. Do not use as a contraceptive.

LACTOBOR is a trademark of BOROLA. Lactobor Intim Vaginal Gel is a medical device (CE Mark 0344). The product has been manufactured in Sweden in compliance with the highest GMP requirements.