BONILASH the Eyelash growth serum! LONG, THICK & NATURAL LASHES! 3ML Prevents Loss

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The Secret of long lashes! For the woman who is always herself without trying to fit in a pattern, who wants to become better day by day, who loves herself, who accepts her fears and already know how to leave them apart and how to get up each time.

  • For the woman who wants to look perfect, without spending too much time in front of the mirror.
  • For the woman confident in herself, who knows what she wants to accomplish and who won`t compromise to get there.
  • For the pragmatic and selective woman who didn`t lose her innocence in the battles during all the years.
  • For the woman who is falling in passion`s arms and who runs barefoot in the rain…for you!
  • Different women with millions of life stories, united by the idea of natural beauty.
  • Discover the Bonilash woman inside you. We know you want to feel beautiful and comfortable with your natural beauty.
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One of the main ingredients of serum is bimatoprost – an effective growth stimulant of lashes, which has a positive effect on the length and thickness of the hair. Helps increase the number of lashes. It strengthens them and gives them a healthy look. Enhances the saturation of their natural color. The other active ingredients are urea – hydrates and vitalizes lashes; biotin – nourishes and regenerates hair and panthenol with additional soothing effect.

  • When you wake up every morning, your eyes will smile back at you from the mirror, even before the make-up.
  • The visual contact, the confident look are your weapons and Bonilash will help you to get what you want every time.
  • You`re romantic, powerful, pragmatic, you don`t even know what you want, but you know for sure that you deserve only the best.

Directions for use:


Apply in the evening after removing the makeup. Serum is applied to clean and dry eyelids, at the base of the upper eyelashes on the hair along the eyelid and at the border with it. The lid should be closed.