Biotica SLIM x 5 Cellulite Body Weight Appetite Regulate Metabolism Fat Burning

$65.00 $49.99

  • The innovative Slimming Expert is distinguished by its speed, strength and special liquid formula. It works concentrically in 5 different directions, not only reducing excess pounds and melting fat, but also releasing the body from retained fluids and toxins. It also smooths cellulite accumulation on problem areas.
  • Its fast action is due to its liquid, concentrated formula. It includes entirely natural, fresh ingredients – something that distinguishes it from all other similar products on the market.
  • Slim X5 will help all women who complain of swollen face, swollen limbs and have fat on the waist, get into their tight jeans again, put on high-heeled shoes and feel good in their skin.


SLIM x 5

Especially suitable for:
  • Fighting cellulite
  • Stimulation of energy flow in the body
  • Increase of thermogenesis
  • Helps regulate metabolism
  • Fat burning
  • Control over body weight
  • Control over appetite
  • Detoxification
  • Disposal of retained fluids in the body