Biotica Colon Cleaner Hemorrhoids Problem Natural Healthy Body 21 Herbs Included

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COLON CLEANER is a powerful tool for detoxifying and purifying the human body from all waste products. Creates a sense of lightness and cleanliness. Improves the function of organs and systems in the body.
If you are tired of trying out tools that provide timely results, order COLON CLEANER with us! You may have tried expensive programs or products that contain “chemistry” … they all promise a lot, but they are not effective enough!
Especially suitable for:
  • Cleansing from accumulated slag and fat on the lining and the walls of the large intestine
  • Regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Preventing the retention of mucus and lactic acid in the gut and lymph – a cause of lymph dilation
  • Effective absorption of nutrients
  • Relieve ailments in hemorrhoids
  • Preventing retention of unprocessed food and rot in the colon
  • Inflammatory bowel issue


Feeling for ease and purity
  • Regulation of ailments such as swelling, swelling and gas formation
  • Purification of polyps in the colon – causes of gastrointestinal inflammation, dysbacteriosis and impaired intestinal flora, familial adenomatous polyposis, tumorigenesis and immune deficiency
  • Overweight and obesity