Bioshield Oxibio Eye Drops Discomfort Natural Tears Dry Eyes Effective Protection


Oxibio eye drops solves the problem of eye discomfort. They mimic the effect of natural tears and are intended for people suffering from so-called “dry eyes”.

Oxibio eye drops represent a solution containing 0.2% hyaluronic acid without preservatives. Oxibio moisturizes and soothes the surface of the eye and creates a protective film that protects the eyes from injury and the harmful effects of external pollutants such as cigarette smoke, artificial light, wind, heat, sun and more.



Oxibio Eye Drops are effective in Dry Eye Syndrome, injuries and corneal surgery, prolonged use of computer, long drive and flight and swimming in chlorinated water.

Suitable for patients wearing contact lenses.

Oxibio Eye Drops 10ml / Oxybio Eye Drops 10ml –

Medical Device

Contains: 0.2% ultra-high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, which:

– stabilizes the tear film and improves corneal moisturizing

-supports wound healing and stabilizes the epithelial barrier

– prolongs the tear film break time

– provides better comfort

– relieves symptoms immediately

Under mechanical stress (blinking), the tears show a reduced viscosity.

OXIBIO – intensive care

• Perfectly relieves the dry eye syndrome after eye surgery

• 300 drops in 10 ml. bottle is enough for two months /

• compatible with contact lenses

• Restores the natural protective barrier of the cornea of the eye

• sterile for 180 days after opening

•OXIBIO-may be useful in:

• Sogren’s syndrome;

• Corneal injuries, erosion, corneal surgery;

• Wearing contact lenses;

• Hormonal disorders, menopause;

• Prolonged stay in an air-conditioned room, wind, cold, dry heat, smoke, air pollution;

• Working with a computer, long driving, long flights;

• Swimming in chlorinated water

• Dry eye syndrome.

Instructions for use:

• Tear off the cap ring before first use. After opening, soothing drops can be used for 180 days;

• Remove the cap;

• Squeeze one drop directly into the eye or the contact lens on both sides of the bottle;

• Replace the cap after use;

• 180 days after first opening, the bottle must be disposed of with household waste.


Active ingredients: 0.20% sodium hyaluronate; excipients: sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate and purified water.


Store at temperatures between 2?C and 25?C. Protect from frost.


• Do not use if the plastic ring of the cap is damaged;

• Do not touch the eye with the vial;

• Due to the risk of contamination, avoid contact between the top of the vial and other surfaces or hands;

• Immediately after use, visual acuity may be temporarily reduced. In this case, do not drive, operate machinery and allow your normal vision to recover;

• Record the date of first opening on the vial;

• If you are applying other eye drops, wait at least 5 minutes between them