BioNike Defence Color Pencil Inside and Outside Eyes Color 101 Noir 1 Piece


BioNike Defence Color Pencil Inside And Outside Eyes Color 101 Noir FEATURES Soft, smooth, easy to blend. Its formula has been specially designed to be applied on the inner rim of the eye.

Ophthalmologist tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Available in 7 shades.

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It CONTAINS Mixture of plant waxes (beeswax, candelilla, carnauba): make the texture consistent but soft. plant lipids: give smoothness. forming agent: ensures adhesion and durability to the stroke. texturizers agents (sericite, nylon-12): improve the skin-feel and allow you to fade the stretch. RECOMMENDED FOR Decorative Cosmetics Eye of subjects with sensitive and intolerant skin even wearing contact lenses. HOW TO USE: Draw the outer contour and / or the inner.

For a more sophisticated result fade the color with the brush eye DEFENCE COLOR. FORMAT A pencil