Bionike Defence Color Cover Poudre Camouflage poudrier 10g


Uniformizes and mattifies the complexion (does not dry the skin). Adapts to all types of complexion. Fix the foundation and retouching during the day (micronized powders, micronized pigments and dermo-compatible esters).

Powder corrective matifying and extra-strong, all skin types, even sensitive and intolerant.

Safe Charter BIONIKE: without preservative, fragrance, gluten and tested nickel.

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Powder corrective Defence Color Cover allows to standardise and matting a corrective makeup in a very natural way. It is very useful to fix the Color Cover Stick or fluid Defence Foundation, without drying the skin and or increasing the facial features. Embodying the principles of the chromatic circle of Newton, of different colours pigments Act to neutralize skin color imperfections, namely: Green against redness, yellow against the dark circles, lilac to brighten the complexion and beige for the uniform. The application of powder corrective Defence Color Cover is very easy thanks to the micronized powders. Light and impalpable texture. Indispensable in the bag handbag for touch-ups during the day for a flawless makeup.

Tips to use: Gently apply on the face, focusing on the middle zone (forehead, nose and Chin) of the face, with a brush.