BATTERY Protein Pasta 250g Low Carb, High Protein Penne Pasta 5 servings

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Battery Protein Pasta is a next generation food designed for all active people. By combining quality protein sources with durum wheat semolina flour, we have created an exceptional protein meal that is easy to cook, tastes great and helps you reach your daily protein targets.

We used Pea Protein Isolate and fresh eggs to make our pasta. By combining two complete protein sources, we came up with a product that guarantees you an excellent amino acid profile. And we only used protein isolate to give you the best absorption rates.



You won’t be able to spot the difference in taste between classic pasta and our protein pasta. It just tastes fantastic!

Battery Protein Pasta contains 30g of protein per 100g serving, which is 3 times more than regular pasta.

We used only pure and trusted ingredients, such as traditional semolina or corn flour and quality protein sources that contain no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

The product is made in the EU, in a fully compliant manufacturing plant, to meet the highest levels of quality and hygiene.

GMO FREE: Our pasta does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS: The product contains no meat or meat related ingredients.

Ingredients: semolina flour (durum wheat flour), pea protein, wheat protein, egg protein.

Allergy information: contains wheat gluten and egg whites.

Cooking instructions: Add pasta to salted boiling water. Stir occasionally and boil on medium heat for 6-10min (we recommend 6 minutes).