BASICA VITAL PUR 20 pack Powder Sleep Disorders Magnesium Calcium Zinc

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Basica Vital Powder is a balanced dietary supplement based on the acidic base Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH. It contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and trace elements of iron, zinc, molybdenum, copper, selenium and chromium.



Effect and fields of application

The balance between acids and bases in the body is important for the metabolism. If it goes awry, it tries to stabilize it. Because the pH values ​​of the tissues, organs and body fluids fall sharply within their limits, health problems are the result. Acidified blood is limited in its ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the organs and tissues and to remove its degradation products. A disturbed acid-base balance is also reflected in a decreased activity of the energy metabolism. Acidification (chronic acidosis) does not initially manifest itself with symptoms. However, if it persists, it causes disease: The existing bases are no longer sufficient to neutralize the excess acid. Chronic acidosis is caused by too many acidifying foods excessive alcohol consumption longtime, strong smoking stress triggered. At first, the human body tries to self-regulate the out-of-balance acid-base balance. The pH levels of blood, other fluids, tissues and organs are decreasing. To compensate, the organism extracts basic minerals from its own depots. When calcium is needed, it removes it from the bones, muscles and teeth. In the further course the bones become brittle, so that it can come to osteoporosis and spontaneous fractures. The demineralized tooth substance becomes more susceptible to tooth decay. The no longer secreted acids are deposited in the fatty tissue, where they inflate the fat cells and cause cellulite. The affected person has problems to reduce the overweight again, because the body protects itself by the incorporation of the acids into the fatty tissue from its harmful effects: the weight loss would release them. The over-acidified body also becomes more susceptible to pathogens, as they can better reproduce in an acidic environment. The disease germs also limit the absorption of vital minerals and nutrients through the intestine. This in turn disturbs hormone production and enzyme activity. Even skin diseases (eczema, rashes, acne) are the result of a chronic acidosis: The body tries to excrete the excess acids through the skin. Other symptoms are a permanently blocked nose excessive amount of nasal mucus severe mucus production in the lower respiratory tract with coughing and shortness of breath Muscle tension, muscle spasms inner unrest sleep disorders.

In order to restore the acid-base balance, it is advisable to perform a base cure for several weeks or to supply Basica Vital Powder permanently. The granules can be stirred into food and thanks to its heat-resistant minerals and trace elements also used for baking and cooking. The magnesium contained in it contributes to the deacidification of the organism, supports together with iron and zinc the mental capacity and counteracts states of exhaustion. In cooperation with copper and calcium, it promotes energy metabolism.