Basica Vital 200g Vital base substances ACID-base balance 100% Organic Minerals

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The basic granules for mixing with food and for cooking

The combination of basic minerals and valuable trace elements neutralizes excess of acid and provides for more energy and new power.

* For mixing into food or drinks, for cooking and baking
* Neutral taste and heat stable
* 100% organic minerals
* Contains lactose
* Gluten-free, no iodine
* No flavorings, no sweeteners



Dissolve 1-2x daily the content of one sachet in 250 ml (big cup or big glass) cold or hot water.
Tip: Vary the quantity of water to get a stronger or weaker sweet taste.

Content: 2port 32g

Calcium 550mg, Natrium 375mg, calium 350mg, Magnesium 150mg, Zinc 5mg, Iron 5mg, Copper 1000mcg, Chrom 40mcg, Molybdenum 50mcg. Selenium 30mcg.