Basica Protina Basica Compact 120 Caps Physical Mental Performance Selenium Zinc

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Valuable minerals and trace elements form the foundation of Basica Basic tablets from Protina. Thus, it is ideal as a dietary supplement to promote physical and mental performance. It is available in pack sizes of 120 tablets each. Flavor-neutral, small, smooth and easy to swallow: these are just a few of the advantages of using Basica Compact tablets. The product is available in online shops as well as in pharmacies.

Are you looking for a remedy that increases the energy metabolism and strengthens your cognitive abilities? Then the Basica Compact tablets may be just what you are looking for. Finally, the active ingredient complex provides more energy and vitality. Symptoms such as tiredness and listlessness will soon be a thing of the past. Also, complaints that arise from an out of balance acidity, are quickly relieved with the Basica tablets. Instead, in the course of treatment, you experience an unfamiliar vitality and energy that spurs you on both physical and mental level to new peak performance.



Active ingredients and ingredients of Basica Compact tablets: For the high potency of the basic tablets is a whole potpourri of valuable ingredients responsible. Selenium, copper, chromium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and molybdenum: this is the long list of minerals that will give you a tangible improvement in your well-being, provided that you decide to take Basica Compact tablets. In order to make the product accessible to the largest possible and most heterogeneous target group, artificial ingredients as well as potentially harmful or allergenic ingredients were deliberately avoided during production. Correspondingly, the Basica Compact tablets are free from sugar, lactose, iodine, gluten, purine, gelatine, yeast as well as colorings and flavorings.

Instructions for use and dosage: 

Three tablets each morning and evening with plenty of fluid: This is the dosage recommendation both in the context of a preventive and therapeutic measure. It can be taken independently of the meals. However, if you prefer to take the entire daily dose of six tablets at once, this should be done immediately after a meal. Regarding the duration of the application, there are no time limits or guidelines. As a diabetic or diabetic is to be considered that six tablets less than 0, 1 BE correspond.