Baby Bear Breastfeeding Tea Breastfeeding High Quality Herbs Breast Milk Production


Baby Bear Breastfeeding Tea is an aromatic mix of high quality herbs, carefully combined to support lactation in nursing mothers. All ingredients of the tea are approved by obstetricians and are suitable for use during the entire period of breastfeeding. The combination of these amazing natural gifts meets the highest safety standards and can only have beneficial results on the health of mothers and their children.



Benefits of Baby Bear Breastfeeding Tea Breastfeeding Tea:

  • Promotes the production and quality of breast milk
  • Relieves bloating and reduces colic in newborns
  • Provides important vitamins and minerals for the health of mother and child
  • It has a unique aroma and taste
  • Satisfies the increased need for fluids during the breastfeeding period
  • Normalizes increased appetite from breastfeeding without adversely affecting breast production