ABOCA MELILAX PEDIATRIC Rectal Mucosa Antioxidant Double Action


Melilax Pediatric is indicated in the treatment of constipation in children and infants, even in the presence of visceral hypersensitivity (as in the case of irritable bowel), cracks and hemorrhoids.
The product releases the intestine, exerts a protective action and therefore reduces the discomfort, irritation and inflammation present in case of constipation.

Double action
– It releases the intestine without irritating, protecting the rectal mucosa
– Medical device
– 6 microlages with cannula cap for infants and children of 5g each




Melilax Pediatric combines evacuating action with a protective and therefore soothing action of the rectal mucosa.
The double-action of Melilax Pediatric has obtained thanks to PROMELAXIN , a complex of honey of nectar and honeydew specially selected and treated according to their content in monosaccharides, polysaccharides and melanoïdines, enriched with the polysaccharide fraction of Aloe and Mallow.

Melilax Pediatric exerts an evacuating action that generates an activation stimulus for defecation.
In addition, thanks to its mucus-like and viscous properties, Melilax Pediatric protects the rectal mucosa during stool passage.
These particular properties, combined with the antioxidant action, provide the product with the ability to protect and, therefore, soothe the mucosa.