Aboca Melilax 6 Micro Enemas for Adults and Teenagers 


Aboca Melilax 6 Micro Enemas for Adults and Teenagers is a micro enemas with honey, combining a balanced action of evacuation to a protective and soothing action of the rectal mucosa, useful to reduce irritation or inflammation present in case of constipation. It is advised with a treatment of constipation, cracks or hemorrhoids.

This double action is obtained by Promelaxin, an active complex of honey, nectar and honeydrew selected for their content in monosaccharids and polysaccharids and melanoidins, enriched with the polysaccharide fraction of Aloe and Mauve.

It has a non irritant action of evacuation and activates defecation. It protects the rectal mucosa during the bowel movement, mimicking the physiological action of lubricating mucus. It protects and soothes the mucous exerting an anti-inflammatory action.